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professional begger

In Physical Science today I got called out for writing on Will's paper. We had drew pictures all over his notes and was able to fall asleep. So I wrote on his paper...hey pay attention and dont be bored. i got called out for passing notes. Kimball ( who is like Howard...Lynn) was just making fun on me.

I got my pearls in the mail today for INTAITION TOMORROW!!!
I also got a letter from Nassema about how she say behind the scene of Kingdon of Heaven and the science center. You know I have trained my cousins to think of me and Orlando is in it. She actually said it. lol.

I have my first science lab. boo, thank god jessie is in there with me.
go to commons for 3 ring punch and talk to my big lauren.
met with kelly today at 4:30
second degree tonight at 6:30
variety show practice after that.

tomorrow i have to be dressed up for school tomorrow. boo. BUT I GET INTAITED AND IT IS FRIDAY!!!!

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