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when did i get busy?

Crazy list of things to do today...

1.Take O.T. test-----it was ok. I think I did good on it.
2.Work on my research paper in the library-----yeah, nothing i read helped.
3.Go to Dean at 11
4.Go turn in stuff at Finacial Aid
5.Have lunch/ice cream and vent with Ashley at 12
6.Class at 1
7.At 4 or 4:30(got to check) scheduling next semester classes with Bates
8.Hang out with Mark tonight after 6
9.Dance practice for Variety Show at 10 in the Chapel.
10.Pack for coming home tomorrow
11.Pack up Laura's car sometime
12.Throwing Christy a surpise birthday party

I think I have a busy day. I have a feeling it is going to be a late night. Yeah! But I come home tomorrow!!!!!

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