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Wednesday, June 14th, 2006
4:02 pm - Lynn Davis ROCKS!
This is Kristen. Lynn is sooooooooo awesome! I want to be just like her when I grow up!

current mood: happy that lynn is my friend

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Tuesday, February 28th, 2006
5:32 pm - sunshine!!!!
It feels amazing here!!!!! I love it. Warmth makes me happy. We actually had our history class outside on the basketball courts. how pimp. now too bad im stuck inside study for my 3 test. boo. but it is amazing here.

current mood: scared

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Wednesday, February 8th, 2006
12:51 pm - professional begger
In Physical Science today I got called out for writing on Will's paper. We had drew pictures all over his notes and was able to fall asleep. So I wrote on his paper...hey pay attention and dont be bored. i got called out for passing notes. Kimball ( who is like Howard...Lynn) was just making fun on me.

I got my pearls in the mail today for INTAITION TOMORROW!!!
I also got a letter from Nassema about how she say behind the scene of Kingdon of Heaven and the science center. You know I have trained my cousins to think of me and Orlando is in it. She actually said it. lol.

I have my first science lab. boo, thank god jessie is in there with me.
go to commons for 3 ring punch and talk to my big lauren.
met with kelly today at 4:30
second degree tonight at 6:30
variety show practice after that.

tomorrow i have to be dressed up for school tomorrow. boo. BUT I GET INTAITED AND IT IS FRIDAY!!!!


current mood: cheerful

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Sunday, November 20th, 2005
10:25 am - when did i get busy?
Crazy list of things to do today...

1.Take O.T. test-----it was ok. I think I did good on it.
2.Work on my research paper in the library-----yeah, nothing i read helped.
3.Go to Dean at 11
4.Go turn in stuff at Finacial Aid
5.Have lunch/ice cream and vent with Ashley at 12
6.Class at 1
7.At 4 or 4:30(got to check) scheduling next semester classes with Bates
8.Hang out with Mark tonight after 6
9.Dance practice for Variety Show at 10 in the Chapel.
10.Pack for coming home tomorrow
11.Pack up Laura's car sometime
12.Throwing Christy a surpise birthday party

I think I have a busy day. I have a feeling it is going to be a late night. Yeah! But I come home tomorrow!!!!!


current mood: nervous

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Thursday, September 22nd, 2005
11:39 pm
it is preview day here. wow, it doesn't seem that long ago that was me. im getting old.

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Wednesday, September 7th, 2005
10:01 am - I'm f`ing g
So, I just cam eback from the Rush party. I can't believe I'm actually rushing. I want to get in. Buth, then part of me is like I don't have to. I'm reallly scared for the rejection. I hate rejection. I want people to like me. Plus I don't know what to wear. But, I have to say I looked really cute today and for this party I got ready in 10 mins. That doesn't incluced the shower bc I exericed. But in sad news, I hurt my foot. So, now I'm limp. It is so odd. Tomorrow I have my swim test. Ohhh not. I'm not really that exicited. I hope once we get done we can leave bc I'm want to take shower so I don't stink through my next class. Thankfully if we don't I have 40 mins til the next class. I think I can do. Just wash my hair and get dress and go. I'm set.

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Wednesday, August 3rd, 2005
1:05 am

Happy Birthday....



Tom Brady (totally worthy of the birthday list)

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Wednesday, June 22nd, 2005
4:56 pm

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Saturday, April 30th, 2005
8:32 am - man this thing is... GOOD

Your Birthdate: April 3

Being born on the 3rd day of the month is likely to add a good bit of vitality to your life.

The energy of 3 allows you bounce back rapidly from setbacks, physical or mental.

There is a restlessness in your nature, but you seem to be able to portray an easygoing, "couldn't care less" attitude.

You have a natural ability to express yourself in public, and you always make a very good impression.

Good with words, you excel in writing, speaking, and possibly singing.

You are energetic and always a good conversationalist.

You have a keen imagination, but you tend to scatter your energies and become involved with too may superficial matters.

You are affectionate and loving, but sometimes too sensitive.

You are subject to rapid ups and downs.

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Sunday, April 24th, 2005
4:10 pm - haha i got these

You Know You're From Louisville When...

Your "International" airport has only one passenger flight that actually leaves the 48
contiguous U.S. states

The in-state sports rivalry is paid more attention to than the national championship.

You live in an area that occasionally gets considerable snowfalls, floods, and tornadoes... but has no capacity to deal with any of the above.

You pronounce the name of your city different than anyone else you've heard.

You think the rest of the people in Kentucky sound like hicks.

When you think "Kentucky" you don't automatically think horse racing or fried chicken.

You ask your doctor for an allergy cure and he tells you to "move."

You've shovelled 10+ inches of snow and worn shorts in the same week.

When people ask what school you went to, they don't mean Vanderbilt, Yale, or Harvard; they mean Ballard, Male, Manual, Trinity or St. X.

You know what the Bambi Walk is.

Your last ten vacations were in Panama City or Destin.

You make an emergency run to Kroger for bread and milk at the first sighting of a snowflake.

You've lived here for years, yet somehow you get hopelessly lost each time you attempt a shortcut through Cherokee Park.

You're convinced turn signals are useless options on a vehicle.

You hold up traffic to let a motorist you don't know into your lane.

You give directions based on landmarks that no longer exist or street names that have changed, but your directions never confuse any of the other Louisvillians

You have never been to the Derby, but wouldn't miss the Oaks.

You call in sick to attend the Oaks and spot your boss - who also called in sick - at the next
betting window.

You think all the REAL hicks live in New Albany.

You think the only thing Southern Indiana is good for is buying pumpkins.

When introduced to another life-long Louisvillian, you spend the first part of the conversation finding out how you are connected. It's never as many as six degrees of separation - usually three will do it.

You think a pervert is someone who would rather have sex than watch basketball.

You've built a shrine to Rick Pitino in your basement.

You can read about Rick Pitino in at least three different sections of your newspaper.

You think the rest of the world knows what Benedictine spread is.

You think the rest of the world knows what a Hot Brown is.

You have never eaten fish that wasn't fried.

You think the whole world puts spaghetti in chili.

You want another bridge built over the Ohio River, just so long as it doesn't cut through YOUR neighborhood.

You've experienced a "salt storm" after a two-inch snowfall.

You actually get these jokes and pass them on to other friends from Louisville.

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12:01 pm
Dang it. I didn't find my license but I did find my library card. Yes

current mood: disappointed

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Wednesday, April 13th, 2005
11:09 pm - one more thing...


and I got my jacket today do happy birthday to me.

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Monday, April 4th, 2005
3:23 pm
HAPPY 18 BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Thursday, March 31st, 2005
8:48 pm
hey i hate ppl who text me when i am driving!
dont do it!

love bloom

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Wednesday, March 23rd, 2005
10:16 pm - hello it is one of my favoritest shows EVER
table border='0' cellpadding='5' cellspacing='0' width='600'><tr><td></td><td> You scored as The Adventures of Pete and Pete.


The Adventures of Pete and Pete




Legends of the Hidden Temple


Rocko's Modern Life


The Secret World of Alex Mack


Clarissa Explains It All


Double Dare




Ren & Stimpy


Are You Afraid of the Dark?




Which Old School Nickelodeon Show Are You?
created with QuizFarm.com</table>

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Saturday, March 5th, 2005
5:17 pm - I hope that is Mike in the police car
I finally have some piece a quite in this house. I miss the quite. The family went over to James`s new house. I desided to stay here and take a "nap". Sure. Nap. Haha. I just want to be able to relax and cuss without having someone down my throat. I love listening to gansta music and beign able to look at whatever I want on the internet. The simple things in life are the things you miss. Stefanie and I saw with her dad the NASCAR IMAX. It was good. The first cracked me up. I love NASCAR. I hope we get cable soon so I can watch those races. Then Stef called to let me know she get accepted to University of Wisconsin Madison. YEAH!!! Oh for all the ladies:Mason is over. You all are goons.
So, I want to say what is up with the compatiblity test. I got non of the guys that I like. Bah. But, I love some of them. It is nice to know the people on your list. But it sucks to not know who they are.
Kyle Grider-63%
Steve Simpson-62%
Quinn Henoch-58%
Robbie Baker-52%---hell no! i hate him!!
Andrew Whiteman-50%
DJ Bova-50%
Tommy Bays-49%
Kurosh Javid-48!!!!%
Mychal Hines-48%
Ryan Hickson-48%

Chris Gordon-71%
Antonio Ballard-66%
Christopher Buntin-64%
Jonathan Ochsner-62%
Matt Short-62%
Michael Smith-60%
Michael Miller-59%
Doug Hall-57%
Richard Forster-57%


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Monday, February 28th, 2005
11:26 pm
A - AGE: 17
C - CELEBRITY CRUSH: hello easy question... Orlando Bloom
D - DAD'S NAME: the late great Philip West Fabrizio... I miss him soooo much!!!!
F - FAVE BAND/SINGER: Shawn McDonald
G - GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS: sour worms! oh yeah
H - HOMETOWN: Jeffersonville
I - INSTRUMENT: saxophone and all the different drums and the bassoon
K- KIDS: i want children in the future
L - LONGEST CAR RIDE: boston 2 days
M - MUM'S NAME: Stepahnie Lynn
O - ONE WISH: fall in love with someone who loves me back jsut as much
P - PHOBIA(S): the taco bell dogs,death
Q - FAVORITE QUOTE: "Life sucks, eat a hot dog"
S - SONG YOU LAST SANG: the Bv. by Green Day. I dont listen to them.
T - TIME YOU WAKE UP: 9:30 Nicole woke me up
U - UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: I`m really sad and depressed but i refuse to show to the everyday folk
V - VEGETABLE YOU HATE: onions or all the differnt peas
W - WORST HABIT(S): sucking my thumb
X - X-RAYS YOU'VE HAD: shouldar and teeth
Y - YUMMY FOOD: good... i love food if you couldnt tell

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Friday, February 25th, 2005
9:49 am - And to the other one


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9:48 am - I know this is late, you understand

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9:42 am - I don`t know. The little things in life don`t bother me anymore.
So, I dont really want to talk about it. I`m in shock. It isn`t real. It is just a really bad nightmare. I want to just wake up. I just keep seeing the last time replaying in my head. I can`t take it. At least last night I slep for more than 4 hours. And, my family in here (Uncle Bobby,Aunt Marilyn,Kelly,Aunt Liz) and more are coming and ALL of my friends. I honestly don`t know what I could do without you guys right now. Just everyone pray. Pray that I stop crying.

Oh if you don`t know what I`m talking about for my out of town friends... my dad died this Wednesday.

But, thanks for all the prayers, texts during school (since I`m not going back til Tuesday), hugs, kisses, and laughter.
Oh and to class officers for the very cute flowers. And to my special man in my life, Kelly, who got me flowers and cupcakes. I love him.

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