Kristen (fabyjoe) wrote,

I don`t know. The little things in life don`t bother me anymore.

So, I dont really want to talk about it. I`m in shock. It isn`t real. It is just a really bad nightmare. I want to just wake up. I just keep seeing the last time replaying in my head. I can`t take it. At least last night I slep for more than 4 hours. And, my family in here (Uncle Bobby,Aunt Marilyn,Kelly,Aunt Liz) and more are coming and ALL of my friends. I honestly don`t know what I could do without you guys right now. Just everyone pray. Pray that I stop crying.

Oh if you don`t know what I`m talking about for my out of town friends... my dad died this Wednesday.

But, thanks for all the prayers, texts during school (since I`m not going back til Tuesday), hugs, kisses, and laughter.
Oh and to class officers for the very cute flowers. And to my special man in my life, Kelly, who got me flowers and cupcakes. I love him.
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