Kristen (fabyjoe) wrote,

I'm f`ing g

So, I just cam eback from the Rush party. I can't believe I'm actually rushing. I want to get in. Buth, then part of me is like I don't have to. I'm reallly scared for the rejection. I hate rejection. I want people to like me. Plus I don't know what to wear. But, I have to say I looked really cute today and for this party I got ready in 10 mins. That doesn't incluced the shower bc I exericed. But in sad news, I hurt my foot. So, now I'm limp. It is so odd. Tomorrow I have my swim test. Ohhh not. I'm not really that exicited. I hope once we get done we can leave bc I'm want to take shower so I don't stink through my next class. Thankfully if we don't I have 40 mins til the next class. I think I can do. Just wash my hair and get dress and go. I'm set.
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